Let Your Reps Know Your Opinion

Imagine a town hall gathering where you can speak your opinion to your representatives without giving your identity to fellow constituents. You could finally speak freely without being judged by your peers. At the same time, your representatives would know their constituents true feelings on an issue.

Until now, the only way to privately voice your opinion to your representatives is by contacting them directly. This is great, but it doesn't allow a public forum where everyone can hear other's opinions openly. What we need is a place where your representatives AND your fellow constituents know how exactly you feel.

What I've explained above is our goal at Keep PA Honest. Each week we'll post an issue to be discussed. You will have the opportunity to comment using an alias that keeps your identity private to your peers while letting your representatives know you have the power to put them in or out of office. This alias will be your voter registration number and county name you are registered to vote in.

How It Works

1. A topic is posted each week and the commenting period begins.

2. You comment giving your 1.) County where you are registered to vote, and 2.) Your voter registration number. If you don't know your voter number, you can call your local representative, and they can give it to you.

3. A week after the topic is posted, a link will be emailed to representatives in the counties where people who have commented are from.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Pennsylvania Liquor Privatization

A big issue at hand throughout the state is whether liquor sales should continue to be run by the state, or should they be allowed to be run by private enterprise. What is you opinion on the issue? Comment below and we'll send the comments to your representatives at the end of the week.